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i think i should start a new journal

i think i should start a new journal

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things change as time passess...thank God for that.

I'm so happy.  Sometimes things just fall into place.  I'm so thankful.

It sure is good to be away from the poison.

sometimes it is so hard to accept that i'm right where i'm meant to be.  sometimes you get everything you want and then realize you don't want it anymore.  sometimes all your dreams are stolen.  sometimes you find yourself standing...just standing.  not knowing what direction you're headed in or which way to go.  sometimes you work so hard to get somewhere and realize there is no end.  and that where you are is not really where you wanted to go.  sometimes there are great suprises and new adventures right around the corner.  sometimes you have to start at the beginning.

some questions you have to ask and answer over and over and over.

life is beautiful.
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