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rambling prompted by boredom

rambling prompted by boredom

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i dont' really know what to write. i'm just bored. it's my first night shift back, not even 3am, and i'm tired already. i slept fairly well today, i just think that it's difficult because of the combination of sitting around doing nothing, and the fact that your body just wants to sleep at night, no matter how much sleep you got during the day. the stupid thing is, that i'm sure if i were at home or out with friends or something, i wouldn't feel this tired. oh well. i'm trying to look on the bright side of this. at least it's quiet, and i can do whatever i want. we're getting a big fat raise soon as well, that ought to make it a bit more appealing.

i feel sad that summer is over. i didn't get to spend any time at the lake really this year, which is super disappointing. no camping either. we didn't really have very nice weather this summer, which really sucked. i'm just not ready for the cold weather, the snow, the ice, the waiting for your car to start (or not start as the case may be!). don't get me wrong, i really enjoy fall, i love the leaves and halloween, i love my birthday and i love coming home to my warm bed when the air is crisp and chilly. i love how quiet it is when the snow falls in large flakes, and i love the sound of snow crunching under my feet. i love how the sun makes it sparkle, and how the frost looks when it's thick on the trees. i love all those things, but winter just lasts far too long around here, and it gets old really fast! however, it's just another one of those things about life that we must accept, because as much as we dread it, it's going to come. there's no stopping it! the best thing to do is just bundle up and keep busy. at least this year i have a nice fire place to curl up in front of!

i need to think of some things to do to fill my time here at work on nights. some kind of project to keep me busy. i seem to get bored of whatever it is that i'm doing really fast, and need something else to move on to. i wish i knew how to crochet...i'd make some dish cloths. someone tried to teach me once, but i didn't seem to catch on very well. perhaps i should give it another go. i have a cross stitch i work on as well, but it gets boring too, i can only do so much in one night, and then i'm just done. beyond that, there isn't much that i do. i'm not really sure of what else i can get into that i can bring to work and do here. any ideas anyone? (not that very many people, if more than one, read this journal anyway!!!). i'm sure that i'll be writing in here alot more during my time at work, but i never seem to know what to write about! maybe i should brain storm a list of topics to write about. any ideas anyone?

well, i guess that's it for now. hope you're all peaceful in dream land.
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