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sometimes i question myself about why i'm doing the job that i do. i'm not sure why i continually choose the difficult way in my life, and i think that my job falls into the difficult category. some days work is really great. it is rewarding and down right fun. but sometimes, it is the last place i want to be. now, i'm sure that no matter what career i had chosen days would come along when i didn't want to be there. that's a given. but this is a bit different. beyond the politics that exist in practically any workplace, which can definately be frustrating, stressful, and a whole list of other feelings as well!, i am literally surrounded by negativity! it's hard being in that atmosphere all the time. you come to work, only to be verbally abused for 12 hours, go home and sleep, and come back and do it all over again! i guess it's just kind of eating away at me. to make matters worse, my b/f has been super bitchy over the last few days, and so now i come home to more negativity too! anyway, like i said, sometimes i question myself. often i find myself wondering what it would be like in another career. of course there will always be situations that will piss me off, and politics that will frustrate the hell out of me, but right now it's like i have deliberately placed myself in a difficult environment. like, what kind of job could i do where i would be working with positive people? what kind of job would be challenging enough, but also rewarding and not emotionally draining?

the one thing i must say though, is i thank God for the staff i work with. right now, there are people on my shifts that are very supportive and understanding, and we help eachother through. with some staff, it wouldn't be that way, so i am very thankful for that part of things. things aren't so bad, it's just very draining to hear bitching and whining and complaining and swearing about everything all day long. damn i need a drink!!!!
  • oh! Good idea! Wanna come over and have one?
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